Monday, April 02, 2012

Birthdays and weekends and Mondays, oh my!

This week is going to be hectic, so I apologize in advance if I skip some blogging days.

Starting tomorrow and going until Friday night, I have the following: a gym appointment with a nutritionist for advice on my workout/diet, my regular workouts, a parent-teacher conference with Little Miss's preschool (just to see how her year has been! can't wait for the report!), a dermatologist appt for me (just say no to skin cancer aka tanning beds, my 6 month checkup from melanoma a year ago) Little Miss's school 2 days a week (out for Good Friday), Little Miss's eye appt to see if her patch treatments have been working, 3 Forum newspaper article deadlines, progress on my own story due this summer to my editor in full, progress on my client's WIP that I'm editing, and a giant kids ministry church easter egg hunt for Little Miss.

And I think my sister is getting remarried Friday night.


In the meantime, birthday pics! :)

What's on the schedule for your busy week? Can't believe it's almost Easter!!

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