Thursday, April 26, 2012

So today has been one of those "Little Miss had Gateway testing this morning and I couldn't find her birth certificate they required so the peaceful morning before her test turned into a mad chaotic mass panic of throwing forms all over the house before leaving without the certificate and then getting to the test early in which they said she could send her certificate afterward if she passed and Little Miss passed the first round of the testing which meant woohoo and mad rush to the vital records office to pay fifteen dollars to obtain said certificate while patting myself sarcastically on the back for the mom of the year award for losing her only kid's birth certificate then rushing to lunch to scarf down overpriced but delicious lemon cupcakes and grilled cheese before heading to the pediatrician's office to obtain immunizations record that Little Miss's summer school program requires and then driving to said summer school location to sign up and write more checks and fill out more forms before coaxing Little Miss away from the giant caterpillar and BACK into the car to go home and crash during two episodes of My Little Pony" kind of days.

I need more cupcakes.

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Angela Verges said...

Wow...a busy day. You can borrow my nick name, "Roadrunner." I can totally relate to the running around like a mad woman. Thanks for making me laugh "with you."