Monday, April 23, 2012

Still trying to figure out this new Blogger. For now, I will just type in this box here and hope I'm doing it right. ha

In other news - I go to the gym Wednesday for my 12 week weigh-in/measure! I can't wait to see my progress. How are you doing with your goals? Fitness or writing related? Or anything in between?

At my gym recently, the two combined. The girl who has been training me came over today while I was doing pushups and said "we need to pick your brain". lol Turns out she and her coworker were trying to brainstorm title ideas for a newsletter they were going to use to advertise around the hospital and the wellness center for the gym and it's upcoming opportunities. I tried to brainstorm with them but my brain was still in push up mode. So a few minutes later, after my set, I went to the front desk, grabbed a pencil and turned over the back of a flyer, and scribbled several ideas as they came. I wrote down a series of words in a column that were fitness related (fitness, exercise, health, wellness, etc.) and then across from it in a different column wrote newspaper-y words. (post, journal, daily, news, etc.) Then I brainstormed other ideas in a third column that were catchy in newsletter titles (express, train, car, locamotive, etc.) Then we were able to draw lines and mix and match phrases. It was a lot of fun!

Do you do that too? I can think SO much better with a pen or pencil in my hand. I guess I like the concrete-ness of SEEING it before me. :)

How do you brainstorm? And do you brainstorm during pushups? ;)

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