Monday, April 09, 2012

$500 or Bust! (literally. hahaha)

Saturday afternoon I got QUITE the surprise.

Standing in line to check out at Victoria's Secret with a few hand sanitizers and a strapless bra for my Easter dress, I discovered that my secret rewards card (which I got during a purchase in March that was good for an April purchase) was worth...not $10 (which was the default minimum)...not $50, which was sort of rare, or even $100, which the sales girl had only seen ONE of so far.


I swear the salesclerk was more excited than me. She sucked in this huge breath and started shrieking. "OMG!!!!" She had to check it twice because she didn't believe it either.

When I realized it was for real, I started shrieking too. And jumping up and down with my arms over my head and turning all shades of red. And yelling "Jesus loves me!" (yes, I really did) I kept waiting for confetti to fall. People were staring and mumbling jealous comments. Salesclerks were wide eyed and open mouthed.

Utter jubilation. $500 to Victoria's Secret!!!!

My aunt jokingly said "that'll get you 2 bras". ha! They're not THAT expensive ;)

So needless to say, I waited until Little Miss was in school today and hit the store HARD. With a gleeful smile I jogged around the store grabbing whatever looked good and took it all to the dressing room. I was there about 2 hours! I made a pile of things I wanted and then did an estimate on prices and ended up having to put things back. (It really doesn't take much to spend $500 in that store!)

I ended up paying a litte bit over anyway but got a ton of things, in a big variety. I'd post a picture of all my loot BUT that's probably not appropriate ;) Still, I'm super excited about the world's coziest pair of sweatpants, my new gym gear, my unmentionables, first VS Swimsuit! That thing made working out and dieting the past 10 weeks so worth it.

Lessons Learned:

1. Stores really do print the big rewards cards. (I've had so many people say they thought they were a gimmick and they only printed the smaller ones until they saw me win!)

2. Victoria's Secret doesn't have confetti.

3. Buying a $50 hoodie isn't painful when it's technically free.

4. If you win $500 to VS, give yourself more than 2 hours to spend it, because I was almost late to pick up Little Miss from school.


Laura J said...

What a great blessing!

Talia said...

That is SO COOL! Congrats!!!!