Monday, June 20, 2011

That's When I Talk to Dan & Ali Morrow

I loved this book! And so did my daughter, who isn't even 3 yet.

I requested to review it because of her, and after only reading it once, it made an impact. She began saying her nightly prayers differently, and after reading it again a few days later, really seemed to grasp it. She began praying outloud in the car, or telling me not to be upset about something because God helps us :)

It's so sweet how the Holy Spirit can move in our hearts, even at such a young age if we're just open to it.

Here's the info!

A little girl discovers that prayer is more than a bedtime ritual; she can talk to God anytime, in any place, and about any thing.

As a little girl says her bedtime prayers, her mother asks a simple question that sparks a powerful discovery: “You know we can pray to him any time we want to, right?” With that, the little girl suddenly finds things to talk to God about everywhere—in her garden, in a friend’s backyard, and on the soccer field. The girl’s prayer life will never be the same.

That’s When I Talk to God is a sweet story that will deepen the prayer lives of children four to eight. This charmingly illustrated tale steps beyond explaining prayer and models constant communication with God.

About the Authors

Dan and Ali Morrow teach their two daughters about prayer from their Colorado home, where adventures in the mountains offer lots of inspiration for prayer. They are the authors of That’s Where God Is. Ali also writes women’s fiction, maintains a blog, and pens a newsletter for her fans.

Me again! So, bottom line - I really recommend this book for children, even toddlers! It seems to have a big impact :) The age suggestion on the book is 4-9 but I feel that younger is just as effective.

You can buy your copy HERE!

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