Monday, June 06, 2011

My ceiling fan is black...

Sometimes, you just gotta put everything else aside and clean the ceiling fan blades!

Today is just such a day. The fan blades in my bedroom are black. We leave that fan on 24/7 so its hard to notice/care. But now I'm wondering how many dust molecules I'm inhaling every night while I sleep! It's plaguing me. You know, I probably haven't dusted that fan since we moved here.

3 years ago, almost to the week.


So, today is cleaning day. Baseboards, sinks, fan blades, etc. - all the little places you tend to ignore while preferring the more generic dusting and vacumming.

Thankfully, I have a handy little curly-haired helper who is a whiz with a dustpan, short broom, and Swiffer duster. ;)

Somewhere around all those chores and laundry, I'll make progress on my novel due July 18th, turn in two articles for the newspaper I freelance for, and get a shower before heading to my women's night at church.

Okay, stop the betting pool!! I WILL do it. lol

What about you? What have you been avoiding cleaning wise?

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