Friday, June 10, 2011

Inspiring, yet not inspirational...

I just finished reading Lenora Worth's BECAUSE OF JANE, and man, I loved it! The characters were relatable, vivid, three dimensional, and their chemistry quite sizzling ;) I've never read a story about a life coach before! Throw in a washed up football player (that's still in great shape) and a vintage farmhouse and welll - you get a really fun read!!!

What really struck me about this novel though was its heart. Lenora wrote for the secular market a long time ago, but has been continuously writing for the inspirational market for YEARS after making that decision to follow her faith. YEARS. (not that you're old, Lenora. I'm pretty sure when it came to shoe shopping, you'd totally have me in regards to endurance...hehe) But this novel isn't published via Love Inspired, Lenora's typical market (and my own) but rather Harlequin's line titled Super Romance.

Super Romances vary in degrees of sensuality, and what I loved about this story the most was the balance Lenora struck in telling the story she wanted to tell, but not crossing any lines that her own faith would convict. I know what a struggle it is to stay true to the story and the characters all while staying true to yourself, and Lenora struck gold. Kudos!

I hope that non-inspirational readers will become fans of Lenora after reading BECAUSE OF JANE and then cross over to read Christian fiction for the first time, maybe with new eyes.

Anyway...Christian or not, fans of inspy books or not, you'll love BECAUSE OF JANE! :)

Back Cover:

Jane Harper has landed the job of a lifetime. The supporting team around Lenny Paxton is desperate to get the star quarterback on the gridiron again. If she can convince him where everyone else has failed, this life coach will finally get the recognition she deserves.
But a high-profile case like this isn't without its pitfalls. The biggest being Lenny. He's stubbornly refusing her efforts, and since they're on his turf, he has home-field advantage. Worse, the spark of attraction between them is very distracting. Good thing Jane is as determined to succeed as he is to resist.

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Lenora said...

Thank you, precious!! I'm so glad you enjoyed my story. I had fun writing it. Love you.

Lenora said...

Thank you, precious. I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I had a great time writing it. Love you.