Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Two down, 6 to go

So my dad (technie galore) came out and fixed up my printer yesterday. Yay! Still feel rather ridiculous that I couldn't figure it out myself, but I guess this is a better solution than holes in walls and baseball bats =)

Good news today - I'm down two full lbs in the last 10 days of counting calories! Very encouraging. I'm trying to lose 5-6 more lbs by mid June (beach trip!) Hopefully sooner.

I thought cutting so far back on calories would be hard but after the first several days, my stomach shrunk and my appetite adjusted and now I truly don't WANT more than I eat. Beautiful thing.

I still battle stress-eating when I get frustrated/overwhelmed, and the always-present night-time munchies but that's about it. Definite progress!

Losing weight wasn't a new years resolution for me but I know it was for many of you. How's it going? Need encouragement, or need to share some happy success news? Vent here! :)

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Georgiana said...

Go, Betsy! I'm not having an easy time of it.