Friday, March 25, 2011

Celebrations & The Irony of Cadbury Eggs

That is probably my strangest blog entry title to date.

But it's true! Lots to celebrate, and Cadbury Eggs are at the center of all my good news.

First of all, because, well, a Cadbury is good news by itself, plain and simple. =)

Secondly, I got a new book contract! Received word from my Super Agent yesterday that my Super Editor at Love Inspired gave the official go-ahead for my next contemporary romance. (title and details to come, but I can say it will release Spring 2012 and is about a female photographer and a single dad/school principal)


I had to celebrate with a Cadbury, of course. Hubby and I did a huge Walmart run last night to stock up on groceries (our pantry was flat out embarassing and it was simply because I was avoiding the hassle of going!) Wen I saw those miniature chocolate treats on the shelf, well, it didn't take long to convince myself that I deserved them.

This is when the irony falls into play.

For the past month+, I've been dieting. I mean, hard core counting calories, to the point of driving my husband insane and whipping out a calculator everywhere I go. But it worked. I lost 3 lbs immediately, then the scale got stuck in the same place (to the OUNCE!) for 3 weeks straight+. I was going nuts. I wasn't asking for another 3 lbs. I would have settled for losing 2 ounces. Seriously, I was obsessed. It became A Thing. (besides the fact that motivation to continue eating less was really getting harder without seeing more results!!)

So I kept counting calories, kept trying, kept sacrificing, and...same number. To the ounce. I finally did some research and figured maybe my body was thinking it was in starvation mode. Not that I was starving myself but I was eating the lowest recommended calories for women daily (1200) and not exercising (didn't want to gain muscle and have the numbers go up - my plan is to start toning up once my number gets close to where I want it)

After reading about starvation mode, I figured I'd up my daily calories by 150/200 and add a bit of exercise. So for three days I did more physical activity (though not exactly exercise-exercise) and climbed 7 flights of stairs two days in a row at work for cardio. Small effort, figured it wouldn't help. Yep. Three days of this - no change.

So I said "forget it."

Last night, I shared a Subway personal pizza with my toddler, ate a Cadbury egg at 10:00 p.m. while indulging in the latest recorded episode of American Idol, and this morning...I lost an entire lb. Not just ounces. A pound and an ounce.

Thank you, Cadbury...


Anne said...

LOL love this post!! It gives me hope :).

Victoria John Richards said...

Heh, I love those eggs! I didn't realise you got them in the US, maybe I'll sneak one in after church ... although I always find it hard to stop at one :-)