Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy (almost) birthday to me!

So my birthday is one week and one day from right now! :)

For all of you who think I'm 12 because I look so young, rest assured - I'll be 27. Haha. Not like it's a big milestone or anything but boy does it seem closer to 30! =P

Birthdays can be scary for those who dread getting older, but for me, it's a time to evaluate (and eat guilt-free cupcakes. hehe) Make a plan for the next year. Set goals. Check things off my list. Realize how much I've done and how much God has blessed me...and that's a lot!

What do you remember about turning 27? Where were you in life at that point? Or if you're younger than me, what do you hope to have accomplished by the time you are 27?

I think on my birthday we're going to celebrate by taking Little Miss out somewhere fun. I used to be all about the big parties with a bunch of family and friends and presents, but now its just as much fun to do something my Little Miss enjoys. (the zoo, the park, etc.) Throw in a few cupcakes and maybe a new pair of shoes, and I'm golden.

(and okay, maybe make Hubby clean the toilets...wink...)

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Anne said...

Happy almost birthday! :) By my 27th birthday (in June 2nd) I planned to be an agented writer hehe. Oh God please let it come true!

I think you're very accomplished for your age, and it's very clear that it's out of your passion and commitment to follow God's calling for your life. And it's also very clear that He's got even more amazing things to do through you!! We can't wait to read it (on your books or your blog haha).