Monday, March 14, 2011

Stalked by a tote bag...

So the conference last weekend was a blast!

I made new friends, hung out with old friends, learned new things, refreshed old things, taught my workshop, had a great turnout, sold several books at the on-site Barnes & Noble store, had a good turnout for the multi-author booksigning, ate some yummy food, slept in a hotel by myself for the first time ever (don't laugh!), got to meet and visit with another editor from Harlequin (my publisher, Love Inspired's, banner) and had a lot of fun!

And of course, took some pics! (shocker, I know, right? haha)

This is me at my hotel - a little excited!

My new friend Teresa I encouraged to come to the conference - she did, and loved it! Yay!

I got my own nameplate on the lunch table as a speaker :)

Speaking on Time Management for the Busy Writer!

Me and Jamie! We always see each other at this conference every year!

Me with author Judy Christie of Abingdon

My conference re-cap would not be complete if I didn't tell you the story of the tote bag that stalked me. Yes, I was stalked by a tote bag. Here's the thing. Barnes & Noble has the cutest book bag I've wanted for two years. I saw it in the store a long time ago, but didn't buy it because it was $19.99. I thought 20 bucks for a tote bag was a little ridiculous even if it was pink and had a picture of a cartoon girl walking and reading a book, leaves swirling around her feet...I ignored it. Or tried.

Last year, it was at the conference book store as well, and I persevered and ignored it again. This year, the CRM of Barnes & Noble, Elizabeth (who had no idea about my obsession with this bag) ended up somehow hanging it as a decoration DIRECTLY UNDER my pile of books on the store tables. I railed on her about it and she swore she didn't know. I still refused to pay $20 for a tote bag but I was weakening. Oh, I was weakening.

The afternoon of the booksigning, I walked to my spot at the tables (that had been rearranged) and sure enough, the tote bag was once again in my spot, under my nametag. Oy.

What's a girl to do? I grabbed the bag and my debit card, stalked over to Elizabeth, shoved both at her without saying a single word, and ignored her little satisfied smirk as she handed me my receipt...

This is Elizabeth... she looks so innocent! ha :)

I really love my bag :)


Anne said...

Aw love the pics! Glad you had fun! Now the only thing missing is a picture of this bag :).

Betsy St. Amant said...

I know! I will post one soon :)