Thursday, February 10, 2011

Through a child's eyes...

It's been over a week now since the funeral of my mother in law. Hard to believe! Seems like yesterday. We didn't tell Little Miss much about it, since she didn't know her Mimi well because of the long distance, and also because Little Miss was only 11 months at the time of the accident. Little Miss just knows pictures and knows "Mimi gave her" a special toy from the hope chest we took from her house a year ago.

She saw Mimi one night at the nursing home, 24 hours before Mimi's passing, for about ten minutes. We told Little Miss later that Mimi had gone to heaven where God lived, way up in the sky. It was a one time mention over a week again.


Two nights ago, Little Miss and I arrived home in the late evening after dinner out with my parents. We were walking up the walk to the front porch, stars pinpricking the velvet night sky. I pointed out the stars like I always do (gotta love country life!) and told Little Miss that God made the stars, again, like I always do.

Usually she looks up and says "Yeah! God made those." Or something in agreement along those lines.

But this night...

She craned her neck back, head tilted up, and beamed that precious childlike grin of delight at the sky. She stared for a long moment and said with excitement "Mama! Mimi's up there!!!!"

I almost cried. It was so childlike, so innocent, so sweet. She probably remembered us telling her that Mimi lived waaaay up in the sky where God lived in heaven.

But you know what? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she really saw a glimpse of her Mimi among the stars. I also wouldn't be surprised if Mimi got to see her in that moment too. I don't know how all that works in Heaven or what God allows but I have a feeling. :) Regardless of what happened, it was beautiful.

May we all have such faith like a child!


michelle said...

this is so sweet! thank you for sharing this story....and I agree, I wouldnt be surprised if she she really did see her Mimi :)

Georgiana said...

Entirely too precious. Childlike faith is really inspiring and I wish I had more of it.