Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sniff sniff cough cough

I think the entire world is sick.

Seriously, I see it on everyone's Facebook status. Even church attendence Sunday was at an all time low this past week, and the few quiet moments of the sermon were punctuated by a chorus of sniff sniff, cough cough...hack hack...sniff...sneeze... We created a new type of choir!

How are you and yours fairing this flu and cold season?

Little Miss was sick last week, which was an excellent distraction for both of us from the 2 stitches she had in her head from her A-typical mole removal. She's doing much better, now me, Hubby, my mom, and even my sister in El Paso are all sniffy coughy yucky.

Actually, right now I'm googling "home remedies for ear congestion" because I'm that desperate and that determined NOT to pay a doctor co-pay. (for several reasons - don't judge me. I don't hate going to the doctor, but I've shelled out $200+ in co pays for the dermotologist in the past 5 weeks and just spent $30 on Mucinex that I'm going to give a try first, PLUS I don't want to go sit in a waiting room and catch something worse...shudder.)

You do know there is only one reliable solution for a sore throat, don't you??

Ice cream.

And on that note, I hear a Bluebell cookies and cream pop calling me from the freezer ;)


Christen said...

You should check out ear candling...it is done at a salon or spa...I'm not sure how much it would cost but it is amazing what it does to your ears AND sinuses

Becky S said...

Amen to the bluebell!!!

Will be praying for the sicknesses to leave quickly and for God's healing in each of your bodies!

Georgiana said...

Bleh bleh bleh. Sickness is all over the place. And you're so right about catching something worse in the dr's office. I don't blame you for not wanting to go in.