Thursday, February 03, 2011

Larkspur Cove by Lisa Wingate

I haven't finished this novel yet (been a hectic week as you all know for my family) but so far I am enjoying it. It was very different for me, since the most recent Lisa Wingate books I've read were her Daily, Texas series which were romantic comedy, heavy on the comedy! This novel by Lisa is still beautifully written as always and intriguing, but at times very heavy.

Probably my personal mood from my own family's crisis these past weeks are making it seem heavier than it might for someone else. But I'm not quite halfway through the story and I have high hopes for a happy ending ;)

Lisa's penchant for detail gives this story a beating heart of reality. I love her writing style! I recommend this story already, and hope to finish it in a few days.

Here's the back cover:

Adventure is the last thing on Andrea Henderson's mind when she moves to Moses Lake. After surviving the worst year of her life, she's struggling to build a new life for herself and her son as a social worker. Perhaps in doing a job that makes a difference, she can find some sense of purpose and solace in her shattered faith. For new Moses Lake game warden Mart McClendon, finding a sense of purpose in life isn't an issue. He took the job to get out of southwest Texas and the constant reminders of a tragedy for which he can't forgive himself. But when a little girl is seen with the town recluse, Mart and Andrea are drawn together in the search for her identity. The little girl offers them both a new chance at redemption and hope--and may bring them closer than either ever planned.

About Lisa:
Lisa Wingate is a popular inspirational speaker, magazine columnist, and national bestselling author of several books, including Tending Roses, Talk of the Town, Drenched a Thousand Voices, and A Month of Summer. Her work was recently honored by the Americans for More Civility for promoting greater kindness and civility in American life. Lisa and her family live near Waco, Texas
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