Thursday, February 17, 2011

Clocks and Blessings

I can't believe it's already mid-February!

Usually January drags for me, it's sort of a depressing month. You know? Long, slow, bleak, winter, gray, drab. The days after Christmas and New Years are usually pretty dull. The excitement of the holidays is over and now it's time to eat right and start exercising. Blah =P

But when your family is sick back and forth, you're planning your mother in law's funeral, your husband starts paramedic school, you discover melanoma on your leg and an A-typical mole on your toddler, and your sister moves across country, well, the days tend to fly.

Is time dragging or flying for you so far this year?

I have to admit 2011 got off to a ROUGH start. But I'm counting my blessings today, instead of counting days passing on the calendar. I'm counting that my family is almost well again. My mother in law is resting peacefully with her Savior in heaven now, no longer trapped in a useless body. My sister is adjusting to her new life in west Texas. Me and my daughter are mole free, cancer free and just fine besides mild surface scars. Hubby made a 99 on his recent paramedic test, I'm making significant process on my new YA novel coming out next January, know what? We're employed! Yeah, I'm sooooo not taking that one for granted after 2010!!! =P

What can you count today?

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Georgiana said...

Today I'm super thankful we are all healthy! I'm thankful hubby has a day off.