Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow Day!

It's a snow day today. We have several inches of accumulated snow and ice! This is rare for us in North Louisiana :)

I woke Little Miss up at 8:30 and while the snow was still falling we bundled up and played outside with Da-Da for awhile! She immediately flopped down and made snow angels and then chased me with snow/ice balls. haha. She was waddling from her many layers. (and made me put on her clean shoes because her dirty outside shoes were leaving muddy tracks in the snow - not acceptable! Yes, somehow I am raising a diva) ;)

Now we're inside by a roaring fire, coloring and eating apple turnovers. Not a bad way to spend a Friday!

Happy Snow Day!

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Laura J said...

It was supposed to snow here in Houston and ended up just being an icy mess (over 100 wrecks reported in 4 hours)!
Random thought--have you thought about putting a follow button on your page? I love your blog but sometimes visit and see I've missed a few blogs. It would be great to have it on my blog list. (It would also be free publicity when you are listed on other people's blog.) Just a thought.