Monday, October 18, 2010

To e-book or not to e-book?

So lately there's been a lot of talk on my writer's email loop, on publisher's websites, on Facebook, and everywhere in between about printed books vs. e-books, about whether e-books will ever officially replace printed novels, about which e-book reader is best, etc. etc. etc.

As for me, I almost don't care because I'm ridiculously loyal to a book in my hands. Everything I do - EVERYTHING - is on a screen. Computer. Blackberry. Work. Working from home. Writing. Freelancing articles. Blogging. Short of doing my laundry on a computer screen, I pretty much spend most of my life staring at a glowing, backlit layer of plastic/glass.

So when I can hold something small, and tangible, that smells of history, that other people have touched and that has touched other people's lives in my hands, I'm going to do that.

That being said, do you enjoy e-books? I completely support the idea, don't get me wrong. Most of my novels are availabe in e-book and that's fantastic. I don't condemn people for preferring that method, I just choose to remain old school in this way. I don't need the travel aspect because for me, its just as easy to stick a paperback in my purse as it is to tuck a Kindle or an Ipad or a Nook.

But for curiousity's sake, which reader machine do you prefer of all the readers out there? Which do you prefer to read - printed material still or e-books? Both? What are your thoughts on the future of printed books vs. e-books? Let's hear it here!

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Shelley said...

To be honest, I've never read an e-book. I'm like you though, so much of my life involves a computer (granted most of it is not really work related). I much prefer to have an actual book in my hands if I'm going to read. So, my vote goes for printed books all the way!

Georgiana said...

I can't see myself reading an e-book, because like you I already spend too much time in front of a screen. Plus, I want books to pass down to my kids someday. I adore holding books in hand, browsing the spines, smelling the pages. Ahhhh.....

I guess you can see which side of the fence I sit on!

Becky said...

I hope we always have books. =)

There's nothing like taking a paperback to the beach (one of few places not completely taken over by technology!!)...or folding a corner to bookmark your spot. There are so many reasons I love books, but a huge reason I'm not a fan of e-books is that I have experienced eye problems due to too much computer time.

I love flipping pages...peeking at the ending ;)...My favorite magazine stopped publishing issues but later came back with an e-magazine, and honestly I can't enjoy it like I used to. I want to hold something in my hands!

I did try the Barnes & Noble E-reader, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchase an e-book! (I got it to read sample chapters) I love the technology that allows us to get sneak peeks at wonderful upcoming books...but I always buy the tangible version!

And...who doesn't like a little bookshelf in their house? =)