Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Madness

Short post today, because my To-Do list is quite long.

Two articles due tomorrow for the newspaper where I freelance, my novel deadline is looming in November, I need to log in some at-home hours for work, and I have two phone interviews for the articles set for this afternoon and am trying to track down a third quote as we speak. Whew. And of course my Little Miss has only been up a little over an hour and she's needier today than ever - Murphy's Law!

But it's okay. It will all get done. What do you do to de-stress and focus when your list gets a little intimidating? I know its good to prioritize and realize you can't do everything, but sometimes the list is a list of MUSTs and not just NEEDs. I don't have a choice with my deadlines, I can't put those off like I could vacuuming the house. (Which thankfully got done the other day!)

What are your de-stressing tips? I just made strawberry cheesecake muffins for my Little Miss so maybe that's the first step ;)


Georgiana said...

I know this sounds anti-productive, but I nap. LOL!!! Well, it IS de-stressing. As long as it's a shorty, it really can recharge, and rest makes everything else seem not so bad ;)

Laura J said...

I used to shop until I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace class through my church!
Now, I try to work out, scrapbook, or read.