Friday, October 01, 2010

Less than 100 Shopping Days left...

Happy book release day to me...and yes it's already putting me in the Christmas spirit!! =)

I've started my Christmas shopping! That's right. Okay, so far its just one person's gift but it's a really fun one and it was 50% off! I'm hoping the rest of my shopping season goes as smoothly.

Do you get a headstart for the holidays? I refuse to use the credit card for holiday gifts anymore so I try to start early and pick up things here and there as I see them, then stash them for a few months. Sometimes this doesn't work for everyone on my list, but it's at least an effort and helps me spread the budget and not go overboard.

What do you do? Do you love Christmas shopping? Dread it? Make gifts? Spill the beans here!


Erica Vetsch said...

I bought a Christmas present yesterday!

I like to get my shopping done early, and I LOVE point-and-click shopping, especially through


Congrats on your new release!

Ruth said...

yay for the book release! Looks great...

Laura J said...

I think sometimes I buy more when I start early...I just keep buying and buying.
This is my first Christmas following the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace plan, so I REFUSE to go into debt for gifts!
Congrats on the book! :)