Friday, October 15, 2010

The best and worst of imaginations...

My two year old already has an incredibly active imagination. She entertained herself for hours on our 9 hour drive to the beach last month by "throwing" an invisible ball to various people in the car, "catching" it when they threw it back, "putting it" on top of my head then giggling and snatching "it" off. She'd even occasionally say "Oops! I missed!" after someone "threw it" back, and scramble to pick up....nothing. =)

She can play tea party and restaurant with the best of them, enjoying her plastic food and pouring imaginary tea into cups and warning me to be careful, "it's hot Mama." She makes her stuffed animals talk and laugh.

And on it goes.

As a writer, of course I'm thrilled. I have a big imagination too, and I'm so excited that she already loves books and making up stories and picturing the invisible. I sense great times in the future :)

But along with the perks of a good imagination come the cons. For instance, anytime my husband is traveling without me, and I can't reach him for a few hours by phone, I don't assume he's busy or in a bad service area. No, I go straight to he was murdered by his coworker who sent me a text saying "we're here honey, love you!" just so I wouldn't suspect anything. I go straight to "he slid off the rain-soaked road in his truck and is waiting in said ditch for an innocent passerby to help him chain his truck out but what if the innocent passerby is a hitchhiking prison escapee and..."


Which is ridiculous, because my husband is probably the LAST person to ever be taken advantage of by a hitchhiking prison escapee, but I'm a wife. I worry. And I'm a writer, so I worry in 3-d. ha!

Do you fellow writers or big imagination-ers struggle with this too? The paranoia, the over active imagination, the drama? I hope it's not just me....

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