Friday, October 08, 2010

Capturing lives one click at a time...

Here's an interview with the FABULOUS Hannah Hough of Hannah Hough photography. Locals, you are in for a treat!!

Check out the session Hannah did of my Little Miss, below. I wish I could upload all 80 or so pics because they're so great, but these are some of the best of the best of the best! (my favs)

Then keep reading for an interview with Hannah herself!

** Interview **

When did you first decide to get into photography?

1. I have always loved photography and my sweet husband had purchased me a very nice camera two years ago. I primarily, photographed my own boys, Carter and Jude, cause I think they're pretty cute but then decided that I wanted to branch out and expand my knowledge and repertoire. So, generally years ago, but specifically as a business it has only been a few months now. :-)

What is your favorite part about your new job?

2. My favorite part of my new job is getting to enjoy and be part of another families' life by taking pictures of them. I am never more fulfilled than when a client tells me "You captured their personality perfectly." That is important to me because initially I didn't know their personality, but through the shoot I was able to tap into it. So fun!!

What was something that came as a surprise when you first began your business?

3. A guess I never knew how much of a fool I would have to be to get the perfect smile or shot, but it is so worth it.

Tell us something about a camera most people wouldn't know

4. You know when you look at something everything is for the most part sharply focused, but sometimes after you take the picture you see that only your subject and something behind them was in focus? That is called depth of field. This depends on your aperture value, focal length of your lens, and your distance from the subject. When most things are in focus we say that there is lots of depth of field and if only a small area is in focus then the depth of field is limited. So if you want a larger area in focus then you need to keep your aperture number high such as f/16 and if you only want your subject in focus then you would want an aperture number of f/1.8, but on most standard lenses this number would be more like f/3.5.

Which group do you enjoy shooting pictures of the most? Children, families, engaged couples, senior photos, etc.

5. I really love to shoot all demographics. I am trying to do as much of a variety as possible from newborns to families, to engaged couples. I love to do it all.

Any funny stories from past photo shoots?

6. Funny stories.....On one of my first shoots my sister Hope came to help me do the shoot and we were photographing three precious boys. We were having trouble getting them to smile so Hope but a metal bowl on her head and started running around and hitting it with a spoon. It was hilarious, but we got "the perfect shot", so it was well worth it.

Can you offer a price list for potential clients to consider?

7. For a one hour shoot my sitting fee is $75 dollars and photos are available online for purchasing at

For two locations and a two hour photoshoot the price is $100 and photos are available online for purchasing as wellIf you are interested in purchasing the disk with all the pictures edited and ready for printing then this cost is $300. Wedding packages start at $1000

Describe Hannah Hough in 50 words or less.

8. I am a Jesus-loving, Bible believing, realist. Mother of boys, wife to a great husband, nurse at Shriner's, budding photographer. I love fun outings, being busy, snuggling, and being outdoors, cooking and eating out. I love spending time with friends and family and watching LSU football.

Thanks Hannah!!!

Guys, don't wait - book your family portraits, new baby, engagement photos, or Christmas card sessions with Hannah now! :)

For more information and to view more of Hannah's work, visit


Lori said...

Amazing photos, Hannah and Betsy! My fave is the fourth one down. Stunning!

And I love the leg warmers. ;)

Linda said...

Such gorgeous pics! Very nicely done! Your Little Miss could be one of those Elizabethan women in miniature! Darling!

Georgiana said...

WAY too cute! Love the pics. Lifetime treasures :D

jenness said...

LOVE the fourth one down. That's my favorite. :-) It has a little bit of a vintage feel to it. Great job, Hannah!