Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tribute to...the wife?

And the winner is....

It's a miracle. Kris Allen won the 2009 American Idol last night. It's a miracle, not because he isn't talented - the boy can SING - but because I truly didn't think America would vote for a known Christian and worship leader to take the coveted spot. The fact that Kris won out over Adam, who is somewhat more attractive to secular America with his theatrical performances and not-so-hidden homosexual truly is a miracle! Yay!

The general idea is that Danny fans, once he was voted off in the third place position, then flocked over to Kris and he won their votes, effectively putting Adam in second place. That would make sense to me. But regardles, God was at work!

It was certainly an interesting season, and I'm always sad to see the show end for another year! (though I really won't miss the cheesy winner's song, this year written by judge Kara. Kris did sing it much more confidently last night than he did the first time though, bless his heart.)

Which brings me to the real reason for my post. Not just to say kudos, Kris, but to pay a tribute to his wifey, Katy Allen. I've been incredibly drawn to her over the course of this season and I think its because I can so easily put myself in her shoes. How in the world would I feel if I were in my early 20's, and my new husband of only months - a humble, boy-next-door, worship leader - suddenly became ridiculously famous, almost overnight? I think I'd be two parts proud, one part scared to death. Sure, the money and new Ford truck is great, as is the coming record deals and the tours and the traveling and getting to meet other famous people, etc. But think of the insecurity a new young wife would feel, knowing her husband was drooled over by thousands if not millions of other girls!! Commited or not, that's a tough one for any couple.

Aren't they such a cute couple! Katy is so adorable!

I'm seriously going to commit to pray for them. I hope their marriage can survive this sudden fame. I didn't cry last night until I saw the very ending shot - Katy wrestling through the crowd to hug Kris, and him just burying his face in her shoulder and crying. I BAWLED. So very sweet. They just seem so real, so personable, like someone you could just walk up and talk to or see at church every Sunday.

I pray God will see them through this roller coaster. I pray that the fame, success and money will be used to His glory, and that it will be a true blessing for them and their future family. I pray that Kris doesn't give in to the pressures and temptations of the world, but will use this win, which was obviously given to him by God, for God. Amen!


Margo Carmichael said...

Amen, Betsy, and thanks for all you say here. They're both darling, and he plays two instruments, too. May he remember his Source and remember to give Him all the glory.

Audra Marie said...

Awesome! We cut satellite out, and couldn't find American Idol online, so I've missed the last several weeks. I'm glad he won. Danny was my first choice, but I really liked Kris, too.

Linda said...

I don't look up the singers on AI. I just love to listen to their voice quality and pick. To know Kris is a Christian as well as a great singer is awesome. Yes, he will need our prayers. I'm so glad that Adam wasn't picked, even though he had the best voice I've heard, because of the type of music he chose and the example he would have been to American teens. His singing with KISS (which I muted) said everything about who he was.

Kate said...

That's hilarious that Linda thinks that singing a duet with KISS makes Adam a bad person. If this is the case then singing with Keith Urban should make Kris a bad person. He did go to drug rehab, after all.

Song choices shouldn't be the basis of defining a person's morals.

Georgiana said...

I've never watched American Idol, but what an adorable couple. Hopefully the Mrs. is totally secure and can hold her head high knowing that she's got the man ;)

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is...I didn't know Kris was a Christian.

Couldn't he have at LEAST once he won at the end, when Ryan Seacrest asked him what he had to say, said "I want to thank my Savior, Jesus Christ" ??

I'm not trying to say he isn't a Christian, but I still think it's sad he didn't say that...I too hope their marriage can survive and flourish.