Monday, May 11, 2009

Golden highlights

Well, we're back and unpacked!!

After making a very necessary trip to the grocery store later tonight, we'll be as if vacation never happened - except for the lingering tan and the precious memories. =)

Here are the golden highlights of my first beach vacation with my new family:

1. Little Miss' face when she picked up her first shell.

2. Hubby's face when he stepped on a stingray - yes, a stingray, but no, he wasn't hurt. Thank God!

3. Napping in the warm sun on a lounge chair with sand between my toes!

4. Little Miss being dubbed the "10th Floor Bandit" as every time we got in an elevator with her, she had to press the number 10 button. HILARIOUS. We even made up a song about it =P

5. Date night with Hubby one evening while my parents watched Audrey - dinner, a movie, a boardwalk stroll...very nice!

6. Teasing Hubby about being a crab magnet - seriously, the sand crabs flocked to him. He couldn't go anywhere without finding 2 or 3 at one time. They'd pop out of the sand at his feet. Yet no one else on the beach had any trouble with them. lol We timed him once, and he caught 10 crabs in less than 45 seconds. He is now the Crab Whisperer. I'm not sure if he's proud of that or not...

7. The look on Little Miss' face when she touched sand the first time.

8. Chasing Little Miss down the beach as Daddy ran and splashed with her through the waves. She giggled soooo hard!

9. Watching Little Miss point and wave and clap at every seagull she saw, all week long. Sometimes she would hear them squawk first and point, getting her finger ready, before she even saw them!

10. Napping with Little Miss on the big bed in the guest room, both of us all gritty and smelling like suntan lotion. Priceless.

11. Playing in the pool with Little Miss and Hubby. She loved her pool floatie. She was the diva of the beach! =)

There were many more favorite moments, but as all mommies know, vacation with a baby is not really a vacation in regards to rest. lol I'm still a little sleep deprived but very proud of my Little Miss for doing SO well!! She adjusted into her new routine and new bed at the beach very easily, and even handled the 8+ hour car ride like a champ both times. Took naps like clockwork, and had fun as we went out and about and shopped and ate seafood. She's the best!

There will be many more pics later, but haven't had time to load them all yet. =)

PS - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOMMIES OUT THERE! I had a fantastic day with Little Miss. I got a homemade card - too cute, as Hubby went to a lot of trouble to make it look as if Little Miss had truly made it herself (will post pics of it later!) and a Sunday afternoon nap. How great is that?? =)


Georgiana said...

Yay! Sounds like you had a great vacation, but I'm really glad you're home now. Hopefully you can get back into your routine--then get those pictures loaded !

Erica Vetsch said...

Love the memories, and I love that little sun hat. I'm glad you had such a good time.

Linda said...

What a grand and glorious vacation of memories you had. Thanks for sharing them with us. It was delightful. Don't little ones come up with the cutest things that entertain them!