Friday, May 01, 2009

Sand Traps

Life is like a box of chocolate? Or a beach? =)

You know, you're moving right along, building sandcastles, playing in the sandbox, scooping shells with shovels and pails...and then you stumble upon that little patch of quick sand that changes everything.

We hit a sand trap this week in my family, but PRAISE GOD, it's all resolved now and our beach is once more a happy place.

It's been planned for literally a year and a 1/2 for my family to go to the beach this upcoming week. My parents, my husband, and my daughter and I. I've been looking forward to this since before getting pregnant, as we usually do the trip every May but had to skip last year because of having a baby and moving.

Everything was going great. Clothes were washing, suitcases were coming out of the closets, new swimsuits and beach towels were purchased...

and three days before we were to leave, my father lands in the hospital.

He's going home today, with the doctor's full permission to attend vacation as planned. But it was iffy for a while! Apparently he had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic he was on for a no-big-deal issue, and when coupling that reaction to his long-term diabetes, well - it turned into a very-big-deal.

Thankfully, he's feeling much better, energy is back, etc. Still waiting on his blood sugar to lower a bit more but he's doing fantastic now compared to the night they took him to the ER! The antibiotic is working out of his system so those symptoms will be gone soon, and he's ready to hit the waves!

Weeks like this make me cherish life. My dad was never, to my knowledge, in that kind of severe danger, but diabetes is always a challenge when things go wrong and complicates matters. It's a little nervewracking, for any daughter to see her daddy in the hospital. (though he LOVED the get well card I had my daughter make with finger paints) =)

I'm just soooooo glad they won't have to miss the trip that my dad has been looking forward to for over a year. Thank you, Jesus, for your healing power and touch!

If you're struggling with a sand trap of your own this week, remember God still works miracles. God still has a plan for you and your family. God still has everything in His perfect timing and control. We can rest easy on the Lord's Beach. So fan out that towel, tilt your face to the sun, and crack open a soda of your choice. Relax in the Lord today, and listen to those reassuring waves of His grace.


Linda said...

Am SO glad your dad is doing better. Had a friend with diabetes, and any little thing can change things. My friend died unexspectantly in his sleep. So cherish those days with your dad.

Georgiana said...

Woohoo! Praise God. I'm so glad to hear he's doing better and ready for fun in the sun :-)

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I'm so glad your Dad is doing well. I hope you guys have an amazing time together!

Erica Vetsch said...

Give your dad our best wishes for a speedy recovery, slather on the sunscreen, and have fun at the beach.

Dawn said...

have a great vacation!