Monday, March 05, 2007

Waking Up...

Yesterday's church service was fantastic...I always enjoy church, but the sermon yesterday was one that ruffled feathers, rather than soothed them. Sometimes, a little conviction goes a long way. I really felt that God spoke to my heart.

The subject? Witnessing.

Several of you might be wincing already! As Christians, witnessing doesn't always come as naturally as we feel it could or even should. I've realized that many Christians have various tactics that work for them. Some Christians are really great at just verbally telling someone else about Jesus. Others are best with words - like writers! (grin) Others live their lives in such a way that God's love seems to seep from their every pore - and people come to them, asking what they have and how they can get it!

However God has blessed you, whatever talents He's given you, use them for Him. Whether that's speaking, writing, singing, art, etc. Even "non-tangible" talents can be powerfully used for Christ! Do you have the gift of a soft heart? Compassion? Are you great at encouraging and uplifting others? Do you have the knack for cheering people up or offering wisdom and advice? Use those God-given skills for His Kingdom.

For us as authors, it's our words, or rather, the words God gives us that is our duty to share. And sitting there in church yesterday, hearing that sermon and feeling God move during the struck me to share this thought: Are we truly writing for His purpose and His plan? Or are we dilly-daddling along on our WIP, not really caring if we finish it because an agent or editor isn't currently interested? Do you feel "what's the point" anyway? If you do, its understandable, and we've ALL been there! We are only human!

But the thing to focus on is - keep going. Don't give up now! If God put a story on your heart to share, then it is meant to be written. It's not your job to see it published or put on a best seller list. Only God knows the future of your manuscript. It's simply your job to write the story and share the words that God put on your heart. That's where your faith comes in - faith that God will see it through and not leave your dreams and desires unfulfilled. Sure, not every book we write will be published - maybe not even half (or any)! But He still has a purpose. He has a point. God doesn't do things in vain. If He gave you something to say, there is a reason why you should share it!

Today, writers - don't ask questions. Don't stare in the mirror and doubt. Put away the black balloons - no pity parties today!

Just write.


Georgiana D said...

Aww, but I throw the BEST pity parties! JK--but I will say that I actually WINCED just before you said it! Witnessing--I'm glad it doesn't have to be the door-to-door kind all the time, although that can be fun too. I think I'd rather be behind the keyboard :-)

Keisha-Michelle said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Betsy! I really needed it right then. My church is going through a possible split right now, and I have been feeling really down lately. My pity party just ended and I'm off again to tap out God's words on my keyboard.


Anonymous said...
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