Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Reclaiming Nick" - A Tale of One Cute Cowboy

Susan May Warren has done it again! Created a fun, fiesty, fantastic novel - this time set in the Wild Wild West! I'm not even through reading this book yet and its already one of my new favorites by this incredibly talented author. Go Susie!
In "Reclaiming Nick", you get the journey of one jaded (if not hottie!) cowboy, and one bitter female fake chef. Sound interesting enough yet? Just wait until you realize the motivation for the revenge that floods these characters weary hearts! You won't know whose side to take! But it sure is fun trying to pick. (I'm partial to the cowboy at the moment! Did you SEE the book cover? ha!)

I suggest you saddle on up and head over to your nearest bookstore ASAP, and pick up this delightful, delicious tale of vengeance, provision, and - gasp - romance!

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TwistedCandles said...

I TOTALLY second Betsy's advice! This one is a must have, no doubt about it! I was very rude when I got to the end of it and had to finish reading it at work, right in front of my co-worker. She being a voracious reader too graciously forgave me for being rude so I could find out who the bad guy was.