Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Speak Through the Wind"

Okay, I know this book isn't officially released until April 17th, but I had to let you know about it in advance! DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK! Allison Pittman's second novel in the "Crossroads of Grace" series, entitled "Speak Through the Wind" is perhaps more of a must-read than anything I've ever recommended. I know - that's huge, right? I read a LOT. =)

I enjoyed the first book in this series, "Ten Thousand Charms" and wondered how in the world Allison would make the second novel anywhere near as good as it. Well, she did, and she even passed it up and soared to an entirely new level!

The "Crossroads of Grace" series are about - get this - prostitutes in the 1800's. Edgy topic, yes, but Allison handles it with such grace and skill that there isn't a single soul who could be offended by these heartwrenching, touching tales of finding God's forgiveness and love. Her characters are so rich and vivid, I caught myself starting to pray for them several times through the day! I grew upset about having to do such things as work, eat, sleep... I wanted to read! Not only do her characters seem as real as the girl in the next cubicle, but the setting, the senses...just brilliant. I couldn't just see the streets of New York, I was ON them. I didn't just imagine the filth and dirt and fog, I SMELLED them. It is a rare book indeed that can get me so completely involved in the story that the real world simply ceases to exist and I am lost in the pages of time.

More good news - if you missed the first book, "Ten Thousand Charms", you can still read this second one! They're related but not in a chronological way that insists you read them in order. Of course, it is never too late to buy the first book and catch up while waiting for April 17th....

On a book allowance? Start saving now. Pennies a day, a quarter a day, SOMETHING - because April 17th, you better be hunting down this treasure!

I hosted an interview with Allison several months back, which is still available in my blog archives. Check it out! =)



Georgiana D said...

I love running to the bookstore! Although with the limited selection in our town I might have to run to Amazon, LOL!

Sally Bradley said...

Thanks for the review, Betsy. I enjoyed the first one by Allison. I'll have to add this one to my ridiculously huge TBR list!