Tuesday, March 27, 2007

God's creative ways of provision...

Ode to My Old Car

Peppy, oh Peppy, you were so great.
I loved your five gears, we were never late!
You served me well, these last few years,
Cruisin' around town with lots of cheer.
But then you grew tired, and I don't blame you!
150,000 miles...no wonder the clutch blew!
I totally forgive you for leaving me stuck,
I'm holding onto faith, now, not to luck.
So RIP, poor Peppy dear, and know I am still fond
Of you, my beloved Camaro - we will always have a bond!

A silly poem, maybe, but ohhh - my poor car! It died Saturday night. It's almost humorous. Will probably be more so in about 6 months or so, though....

Peppy, my 97 black camaro, was my first car. I got it when I was 18 and the way God provided that vehicle was a complete miracle, which is why I have such strong feelings for it! Plus, it's just cool! I love driving a standard, being the first off the red light, shifting gears with the wind in my hair...

But it's okay. This was God's will and timing! Who am I to argue?

Saturday night my husband and I were driving down Bert Kouns (a very, very busy thoroughfare through our city) on the way to meet our friends for dinner when he went to downshift to a lower gear. We heard this horrible popping noise, followed by the spraying of metal shards onto the street. He immediately knew it was the clutch, just from the noise, but then tried to downshift, and couldn't get a gear. Any gear. Oops!! We coast into the turning lane about a 1/4 mile down the street and put on the emergency brake and flashers. Then, with cars whizzing by on both sides, we just look at each other. My hubby goes "Um, I think we need to pray." LOL So we did.

Then my hubby explained to me that the clutch had gone out. Even this girly-girl knew that's expensive. Uh yeah. $900 + expensive! The car is only worth maybe 2 or 3 grand anyway, so we knew it was the end of the road for Peppy. We called our friends to come rescue us, they left the restaurant and met us in the turning lane. Now we're a real side-show for the people driving by, not offering any help! Just staring like we're all insane! Well, we probably are, because we decided we needed to get the car into the gas station across the street. Not an easy task in Saturday evening traffic!

So, with the car in neutral, me in the driver's seat steering, my husband and his best friend push my car backwards down the turning lane, until they gain enough momentum. Then, because God parted the Red Sea a second time, traffic suddenly cleared and I was able to use the momentum to steer BACKWARDS into the gas station, across Bert Kouns. (clutching the steering wheel with sweaty palms, half-screaming/half-praying, the entire way. I'm sure you can just picture me.) I get out of the car and my hands are SHAKING. It was really kinda funny (now). So we push the car beside the building, out of the way, inform the gas station manager, and then head on to dinner in our friends car! What else can we do? Can't afford a tow truck! Well, through another gift from God, our fireman friend who has a gooseneck trailer happened to be off work this weekend and Sunday morning, he picked up my hubby and they loaded the car onto his trailer and he kept it at his house until we went to the dealership yesterday.

And even though we had no down payment, no significant money in the bank, guess what God provided us with? A 2007 Sebring! "Modern blue pearl", 4 doors, power everything. What a blessing! Our "future family" car, safe, reliable, and...still cute. (yes, I am a girly-girl at heart!)

Though I was a little nervous, I knew God would provide! I attended the Beth Moore conference here in town this past weekend, just mere hours before my car broke down, and one of Beth's points was on God's provision, and our Ebenezer rock. (which means "thus far"). Thus far God has brought us, and He won't fail us now! I clung to that truth a few nights ago while sitting in the middle of Bert Kouns! God brought me and Peppy "Thus far", and He provided for tomorrow, as well.

If any of you are struggling with your writing, your ministry, your dreams, your goals - just know that God has brought you "thus far". Your "thus far", like mine, might be in the middle of the proverbial highway, problems whizzing to and from at a dizzying speed, leaving you to feel as if you might be flat run over...but His timing and ways are still perfect! Never lose hold of that promise. You might be run over with rejections, with doubts, with hopes deferred - but its not over! Who knows what is right around the next bend? It might be a brand new, shiny gift of obedience. Keep the faith. And keep writing! =)


andrew'stalks&insights said...

Dear Betsy-Ann,

GOD bless you and Brandon in a very special way and use your marriage, talents and gifts to continue to bless a lot of people. I am so blessed with your gifts and talents used for His glory. Keep up the good work for His Kingdom.

Keisha-Michelle said...

Congrats Betsy! I sure hope God provides for me like that when I go to the dealership. He is so awesome, isn't He?

Georgiana D said...

Awesome wheels girlfriend! It totally matches you. We serve a great God!

Erica Vetsch said...

God is good, all the time. And the you and the Sebring make a lovely pair! Happy Driving!