Monday, October 01, 2012

A ripple among a sea of change...

Big news in the fiction industry today!  explains it best. Change like this is always a little scary for fiction authors. We think these merges mean less space for books and less opportunity for new authors, etc. But that's NOT always the case. In fact that's usually rarely the case.

Bottom line, God is still on His throne and has plans for us storytellers :)

But this did remind me of something cool I observed Saturday night.

Hubby and I went to an LSU Tigers game in Baton Rouge Tiger Stadium. We had been given free tickets through an awesome lady at a Forum fundraiser event we went to a few weeks ago, (she won them and gave them to us during the night) and had a great time despite the off again/on again rain showers.

During a lull in the game (well to be honest, during the 490385905th lull in the game, and that's bad if I notice. ha! It was one of those "we fumble, they recover, they fumble, we recover, they do a really stupid play, we redeem it, and vice versa ohmygoodness DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PLAY FOOTBALL HERE" kind of nights...) two guys stood up a few rows down from us in section 422 and started gathering the crowd's attention. They were goofy looking guys, sort of like they maybe had been denying the fact that they were now, indeed, adults and not college kids ;)

They were trying to start the wave. At first no one was interested. About 10 people responded. They laughed, tried again. People snorted and snickered.

But they kept trying.

The next thing I know, Hubby and I are participating. So is our entire section. And the next section. Every time it died they noted the spot where it stopped, and tried again, hoping to push it farther around the stadium.

And it worked.

Note the analogy here. After ridicule, public taunting, and against big odds, they KEPT TRYING and SUCCEEDED. The wave made it almost halfway around the stadium. Two guys (goofy guys at that! Hey, God can use anyone ::wink::) started a ripple that ended up affecting a thousand people or more.

Where ever you are today, however goofy and ineffective you feel, don't give up. God can and will use hearts for him. Whether this is with writing, fiction industry changes, blog launches, school, family struggles, ministry or witnessing struggles...whatever it is - GOD CAN USE A RIPPLE.

Just don't be still.


Anonymous said...

Great revelation, Betsy

emii. said...

Oh, that's awesome! They really didn't give what anyone thought. And I guess that's another thing -- it's not so impossible and stupid-feeling if you're not alone. I mean, if it was just one of those guys, would he even have stood up? With our friends, we can do awesome things. We can love people, so much more than if it were just me.

Betsy St. Amant said...

Emii, great thoughts. Love that additional point about a friend! Goes back to the Bible - "where two or more are gathered in my Name..." and "a cord of three strands isn't easily broken" :) Thanks for sharing!