Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sucker for a book fair

I'm such a sucker for a book fair! Those Scholastic catalogues come home with my preschooler it seems every other week from school, and there are always ADORABLE books inside. For cheap. Yeah, I don't have a chance. Especially since half the books either come with stickers or are two-stories-in-one or have a charm bracelet attached. And of course she wants them all, and how can you say no to a child eager for books? I'm an author, for crying out loud. You CAN'T say no. lol

I would add up how much I've spent on book fair selections in the past two years but it might be shameful. So I won't. :)

Are you a book fair addict? Are you a BOOK addict? That's really the bottom line, isn't it? :)
What do you do when your kids bring home that catalogue or you see a great deal for books online or in your local bookstore?


Julie Jarnagin said...

That was always my favorite time of year! I can't wait until my little guy starts getting those catalogues.

Carissa said...

I am a book addict. As a kid I was a book fair addict, I can't tell you how much my mom and grandparent's spent on me at book fairs.

Angela Verges said...

Yes, I am a book fair addict too. Today I helped in a middle school classroom and spotted two different Scholastic Book forms. I wanted to take one so badly, but the teacher hadn't handed them out yet.

From one book fan to the other...thanks for posting this.

Laura Jackson said...

I am a book fair addict. You would think as librarian that I would get tired of those silver Scholastic boxes that open up into a beautiful book display, but I don't. I get excited every time. :)

Betsy St. Amant said...

Sooo glad I'm in good company ;) And I might or might not have just ordered another $30.06 worth....lol eeeek