Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Thanks to anyone and everyone who prayed for me yesterday :)

I met one deadline and am hard at work today on another. I also managed yesterday to catch up on laundry and dishes, spend snuggle time with my sick preschooler, tidy up the house and cook a homemade soup and a homemade apple cake for my hubby, who wasn't feeling great either.

I'm convinced God gives moms super immune systems. Everytime my hubby gets sick in any form, my daughter does too. And by the grace of God it skips me, because, well - who else would take care of them?

Thankfully Little Miss is back in school today despite a misadventure in the car on the way there (don't ask) and is excited about her show and tell day. Whew.

Better get back to the deadlines now. The end is in sight ;)

What are you doing today?

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