Tuesday, December 06, 2011

You really need to read this...

So one of the books I took on my trip with me to Disney World for the 49040594859045 hour car ride was Jim Rubart's "Rooms".

One word - WOW.

I loved this novel! Seriously amazing. I bought this one during the ACFW conference last September in the bookstore there, and just now got to it in my teetering To Be Read pile. I wish I had read it sooner! It took me off guard and really made me think. Sometimes books that are spiritually deep and inspiring aren't as great entertainment-wise or vice versa. Jim nailed both elements so perfectly. Highly recommend!

Here's some info on it! (and I really want this to be a movie one day!

Micah is a young software executive who seems to have everything. Except his faith, which he set aside as he pursued his career. All that changes when he discovers a house has been constructed for him in Cannon Beach, a place full of bitter memories and far removed from his fast-paced lifestyle. Micah intends to enlist the services of a real estate agent at once, but the mansion on Cannon Beach is no ordinary mansion. It feels like home, like it was designed just for him. And then new rooms appear. Some rooms are too frightening to enter. Some too pleasurable to leave. What follows is the journey into a heart of man. And the extraordinary measures God takes to draw us back to Him...

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