Friday, December 02, 2011

Happy Holidays - no really!

So I think the phrase "Happy Holidays" get a bad wrap. (pardon the pun. hahahaha)

Yes, we're Christians, and yes we should keep Christ as the center of Christmas, He is exactly the reason for the season. But because of the whole "Merry Christmas" controversy in the world, it's starting to seem like if you even say "Happy Holidays", you are automatically labeled as being anti "Merry Christmas".

Really, just even writing the above paragraph is exhausting.

I'm a Christian. I love Christmas. I love Jesus. I know Jesus is the reason for Christmas and without the virgin birth and glorious gift of our Lord and Saviour, there wouldn't be a Christmas at all. Hello, CHRIST-mas :) I get that.

But Happy Holidays is so nice to say too!

Try it.

See? :)

It encompasses all the holidays. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year. It's saying "Hey, I might not see you at Christmas or at New Years or even on Boxing Day, so Happy Holidays."

Meaning, "enjoy them all."

Not "I'm an athiest."


Okay, getting off my tinsel-trimmed soapbox now to say...


What do you say?


Sierra said...

That is a good point.It can be a general happy whatever. I guess some people overreact :) I still like to say Merry Christmas though ;P
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Sarah Varland said...

SO funny that you'd mention this. I just though of that same thing this week--I LOVE Merry Christmas. But sometimes it's nice to be able to wish people a happy holiday season in general. And so Happy Holidays isn't, in actuality, anti-Christian (which you're right--people act like it is).