Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Waiting on the Lord...

It seems there's never really a time when we're not waiting on the Lord in some area of our life, is there? In our writing ministry, or in our marriages and friendships, in our finances, in our careers or spouses careers, with our health, etc.

I'm in a situation right now - to the minute, actually - where I'm waiting on the Lord's answer in many things, but one so specifically at this moment as I type that it's tangible. I'm waiting on a phone call to give me the answer and I'm praying for God's mercy! In the grand scheme of thiings, it's not life or death, its not health, it's not the end of the world. But its important to my family and especially to my husband. So I'm begging for God's will but that if His will is permissive in this area, that He'll show mercy and use this for His glory. And if His answer is no, that we'll have the grace and strength we need to deal with the consequences.

Ever been there? It's nervewracking. I can practically hear the "tick tock. tick tock."

As Christians we know to trust and that it'll be okay regardless. We know we are safe in God's hands. But we still get nervous. Still get panicky. And we feel guilty for feeling that way.

But you know what? As I write, keeping one eye on the clock and one eye on my phone, I hear Little Miss in the background, quoting Bible verses she learned in her Wednesday night AWANA's class. Then she switches to singing "The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's he book for me!!" And it's a wake up call for my real priorities. Yes, this issue at hand is important. But it's not eternal.

God uses anything and everything to bless us, to comfort and encourage us, if we keep our eyes and ears and most importantly, our hearts, open. So in your own personal waiting room today, whatever your situation...may God bless and comfort and encourage you in unusual ways :) May a toddler sing over your shoulder!


Tonya said...

I sooo emphatize with you Betsy! I'm waiting on a couple of things & it is rough. I don't know when I'll get the answer though.
You are right that everythig is safe with Jesus and I have to keep telling myself that & yet I get scared, anxious, & frustrated. Probably daily. I keep working on it though & praying for grace & blessings in the wait. And you know what, I realize- it's not that I don't trust God I just wonder how painful & excoriating His will is going to be

Sierra said...

And may yours continue too! :) I was just thinking last night how it is hard to know how safe we are because sometimes we go crazy with worry and forget he is always in control. We just need toddlers to be superheroes flying around to save the day :) Sierra
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