Friday, October 07, 2011

Time to get lost!

I'm so excited - first, I can breathe, and mostly through my nose. WOOHOO! That is cause right there for celebration. And secondly, because we're all feeling better, Hubby and I are taking Little Miss to a giant corn maze tonight for some family fun. Time to get lost! I can't wait!!!

Little Miss has never been to a maze like this before, but plays maze games on the computer, so she's pumped and knows what to expect. There are also bouncy houses, pumpkin patches, hayrides, etc. at this farm so it should be a great time. Note to all - we will avoid the corn dig. Nothing like corn dust to stir up the allergies again! No thanks! Shudder. There is also a haunted maze on the property, but this Big Chicken will be safely inside the non haunted maze, and there better not be any stray chainsaws that direction. My shoes are multifunctional - cute, and weapons...

Well Little Miss is all geared up with her hoodie and flashlight, and well, I've got the candy corn. Seemed fitting. And I love how they advertise as "corn maize" hahaha. I love puns. Blame my father.

Hope you're having some Fall Fun yourself, and thanks for helping pray me out of the nasty cold/virus/whateverthatwas! Yikes. And um, one more teeny request...If I don't blog next Monday, well...please come pull me out of the corn maze!!

I would leave a candy corn trail to find my way out, but my mama taught me not to be wasteful ;)

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Sierra said...

Hahahaha...I can't wait for your YA book to come out, I bet it will be funny! Puns are fun :P I just finished the last Katie Parker Production(Jenny B. Jones) and man was I laughing(literally) out loud at some of the stuff in there. Mostly the crazy grandma...she is hilarious. Anyway I'm glad you are getting better! I know...just thinking about a hunted maze...chain saws...screaming people chased by a psycho...I get the chills :( Sierra
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