Friday, October 14, 2011

Of scones and revisions...

So I'm sitting at Barnes & Noble, writing while my daughter is at pre-school, and I've reached an official conclusion.

Rewriting is harder than writing.

There's a reason I only ever write one draft of a story. ha! I don't like revising! I'd rather write it once and have it be done and ready as is, even if that takes longer. However, with this particular project, it's old and revised and revised and REVISED and needs to be updated AGAIN and I'm working hard to fix it up the way it deserves.

But man, it's exhausting mentally and even emotionally. I've put my heart into this story multiple times over the past FOUR years (yes, four years!!!) and I'm so ready to see it fly. But I have to keep doing my part to make it shine and make it the best it can be and give it those wings. There's an obvious reason why it hasn't been published yet and maybe this time will be key. Or maybe not. Still, it's what I have to do regardless. I owe it to my characters.

The good news is, the white chocolate mocha and blueberry scone are definitely, definitely helping ;)

Do you have a story you can't let go of, that you keep hacking at in hopes of one day seeing it released? Do you have a WIP that lingers in your heart despite revision after revision, rejection after rejection? My advice - don't give up. If it's lingering, it's lingering for a reason.

How's your Friday?


Becky S. said...

In songwriting, sometimes I'll get a melody and then years later finish the song with lyrics. It's amazing how all types of writing are a Process. Gosh, I don't always like the processes in life, but they're usually always there. ;) Kudos to you for sticking with your story and being determined to bring it to completion.

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

Oh yes...before I started moving into the Christian market I wrote a MS that is still the story of my heart. Hoping to revise it someday & pitching it. Its not quite time yet... :-)