Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's your favorite....

What's your favorite...

Nicholas Sparks book?

Yes, I know he head hops in his writing. Yes, I know being a fan of Sparks is somewhat of a cliche these days. Yes, I know his books are such tear jerks sometimes you close them wondering why on earth you just subjected yourself to the emotion, but you know what? I'm a fan. :)

I'm actually writing this post now while staring at my living room bookshelf that boasts almost every one of his novels, old or new, in hardback.

I think my favorite is the Notebook, and not just because the movie was also fantastic. It was just so, so good. My next favorite is probably The Last Song, because of it's young adult vibe and I'm very much in a young adult mode right now while working on my January 2012 release with Barbour.

I wasn't fond of The Choice. I thought True Believer wasn't his best, and I really enjoyed Three Weeks with My Brother which was a true account of sorts. I also liked and was very surprised by The Wedding, which is sort of like a sequel to The Notebook in that it's Allie and Noah's kids and grandkids as the main characters.

And of course, A Walk to Remember and Nights in Rodanthe are just big sob fests. Whew!

The Lucky One was also good, and Dear John incredibly moving, but for those, if you currently have a loved one deployed in the military, please don't read them until they are home safe, for your own mental health! Ha!

So spill it. I know I'm not the only Sparks fan. Who's with me? :)

(And Nicholas, if you get Google Alerts for your name and happen to have enough free time to visit this humble blog and read this post, how about you do a booksigning in Shreveport? Young working/writing mommies have a hard time getting to Dallas and the Carolina's so frequently. Thanks.) =P


Tonya said...

I haven't read every single one but my favorite are A Walk To Remember and The Last Song. I also liked The Notebook/The Wedding.

I did not like The Choice, it was completely unrealisitic at the end and that really bothered me.
True Believer not that great. Dear John was strange, so I don't even really care to see the movie except for the fact the Channing Tatum is in it.
I got The Lucky One from the library withot even reading the back BUT never even started it because once I read the back I saw that it was abouth the military and the review blurbs on the back said something about "graphic war scenes" my brother is in the Marines. I put it down after that.
Funny, I was hoping he'd come to Dallas sometime but I guess thats not so good for you. Maybe somewhere in the middle?!

Sarah Varland said...

I actually can't handle crying on purpose, usually. But my grandmother had a ton of them--are there any you're missing? I can see if she had them because none of us read them. =)