Monday, January 17, 2011

Honest Confessions...

Let's shake up January a little with some honest confessions, shall we? Should be fun. Let's liven up the bleak winter months with some scandal!!!!!

Don't worry, I'll start.

I confess that:

1. I'm secretly ecstatic when a child (regardless of age, but especially in the 18 month - 4 year old range) acts up in public, because the whole time I'm listening to their tantrum, I'm deliriously grateful it's not my child doing it at that moment. (you know you feel this way too, Moms!) ;)

2. I'm a diet coke junkie. (used to have two vices, diet coke and tanning beds, but now we're down to one. I refuse to give it up for awhile. A girl's gotta have something...)

3. I can eat a box of Nerds (not the mini boxes, but a real full size "movie theater" box) in about 2 days without really even trying.

4. If a book doesn't get my interest by the third or fourth chapter, I give up. I sadly just don't have the time anymore to read a book just for the sole reason of finishing it.

5. I miss kickboxing regularly!

6. I can't cook. Yep, even Little Miss tells me, and she's 2 1/2. I'm accepting my fate.

Okay, your turn... ;)

1 comment:

Anne said...

Haha ditto for #1!

Let's see... I NEED to have something chocolate everyday, preferrably baked (brownie, cake, or choc. croissant - no wonder I need to lose weight). Whenever someone comes to visit, I just transfer the mess from the living room to the bedroom, so I never actually clean the house (except for dishes and vaccuming in desperate times :). One of my biggest traumas God's still healing me from was not being born with straight hair (my mom didn't know how to deal with curly hair, so I was the weird frizzy kid). I'm the most unathletic person in the world (I can't ride a bike - yes, I've tried extensivelly, but it's just physically impossible). I think that's enough, isn't it?? :)