Monday, November 01, 2010

What if...

I have a lot of what if's sometimes. But the one plaguing me today is..."what if the pages of the Pottery Barn for Kids magazine was real life?"

You're laughing, but seriously. Have you ever seen those catalogues? Pristine children in pristine clothing in pristine houses full of organized boxes, spotless toys, clean rooms, siblings snuggled up together in a house full of themed decorations reading books by a roaring fire, playing together like angels, laughing and taking turns on a rocking horse that costs as much as my mortgage...

For a detailed, Type A, organized neat freak like myself, it looks like heaven!

Until I look at my Little Miss - and my messy living room with cracker crumbs on the floor. I see and hear cartoons blaring, books and toy strewn over the fireplace hearth, crayon scribbles on her white wooden play table, juice stains on the couch, juice stains on Gigi (her belove giraffe) mismatched PJs and bo-bo's and overflowing trick or treat bags and chocolate stains on the corners of her mouth and messy hair and scratched end tables and worn toys and half-eaten bowls of snacks and I think...No. THIS is heaven. This is real life. This is laughter and tears and memories.

This is perfect. =)

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Georgiana said...

What a great way to look at things! Yes, real life is beautiful, cracker crumbs and all :D