Thursday, November 18, 2010

B is for Bliss

Blissful reading is exactly what BLISS, by Jenness Walker and Tracy Bowen, will bring you =)

Product Description:

Following the stars, Indie Moore sets off to find ultimate happiness in South Florida. But in her quest for comfort and fortune, she encounters mishap and mayhem. She finds a home in a trailer park, a job scrubbing toilets, and a moody roommate-not quite the glamorous world she'd envisioned for herself when she left Rabbit Hole, Kansas. But maybe bliss looks a little different than she'd thought. Laugh and cry with Indie, the Miss Adventure of misadventure, as she blunders on land, by sea, and in church, seeking love and a sense of belonging...seeking true Bliss.
My review:
This was a really fun read. I had actually started critiquing the very beginning of this novel for Jenness back a million years ago in the very early stages of its writing. As Jenness began pursuing other projects, this one fell by the wayside temporarily, until it won an ACFW award and then was picked up by this publisher. It was really fun getting to read the whole story, in full, and noticing all the changes and enjoying the chapters I'd never even glimpsed.

It's even better than I remembered it! Indie Moore is a great character, relatable, quirky, sympathetic. Everyone can find a little piece of themselves in Indie - who hasn't searched for their life meaning? Who hasn't eaten their weight in muffins in one morning? Who hasn't had the hots for a hunky guy and embarassed themselves in front of said hunk? Who hasn't wished for the stars and then tried to settle for being content with a danish wrapper? ::grin::

In this story of a young woman's journey for freedom, for truth, for BLISS, the reader will certainly find all of the above as well. The cast of characters surrounding Indie are witty, fun, and the perfect backdrop for all of Indie's misadventures. You don't want to miss this one! It's the perfect read for both snuggling by a fireplace or enjoying the warmth of the beach from the sand. In fact, why not buy two copies and try both settings? ::wink::

Great job, Jenness and Tracy! I hope to see more joint ventures from you both =)

Purchase your copy of this fun and inspiring novel HERE!

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jenness said...

Thanks, Betsy! Glad we didn't disappoint. :-) Oh, and you can stop by Mind Chocolate, my blog with Tracy, at We're doing fun interviews with a lot of formerly-known-as-chick-lit authors. Erynn Mangum's is up right now and she's giving away a copy of Cool Beans. (Trying to decide if I can sneak my name into the hat...)

Catherine West said...

It is an awesome book! Everyone should read it. Immediately.