Monday, November 08, 2010

Fight night...

So last Friday night, my husband participated for the second time in Battle of the Badges - cops vs. firemen in an annual fundraiser. Last year he lost his round although many people said it should have gone to him. But this past year, he spent a lot of time training and working out...and it paid off. He won his round by a LANDSLIDE. You could really tell he spent time training, and it was a unanamious decision by the judges. Besides a very mild bloody nose, my husband wasn't hurt at all. I don't think many of the cop's blows ever really landed.

I'm proud of my man for winning, and for contributing to a good cause. The proceeds from the fundraiser went to the family of a policeman who was recently murdered here in our city, and to a local child in need of a special needs dog. There's not many men who are willing to get punched in the face for a good cause, so all the men are winners to me!!

Funny story - at church yesterday my pastor, who is a champion ex-boxer, asked how my husband did at the fight. I almost blurted out "he totally kicked butt!!!!!" then realized that probably wasn't appropriate. I quickly edited to "He did very well." haha. =)

(but he totally kicked butt!)

Here's some pics of the fight (he's in red) and me and him afterward...and a very proud Little Miss. She kept wearing his medal saying "Dada fight! Dada win prize!" =)


Georgiana said...

LoL!!! I totally knew your hubby was the one in red, not the one in the grey striped sweater! Yay for fighting for a good cause :D

Lori said...

Awesome! (as long as he doesn't get addicted and make a career of this...)