Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Why...

A fun friend GEORGIANA DANIELS had a "Top 5 Reasons" blog the other day that inspired me to write one of my own.

So tell me. What are your Top 5 Reasons for getting distracted from your writing? What are the 5 main nemesis (nemesis'? nemesises?) of your time/energy/creative juices?

Here's mine:

1. Work - because I work part time outside of my home and part time FROM home, it can get hectic trying to get it all done.

2. Children - I hate to even list this because I love my toddler interruptions more than any other, but it is a valid reason. A 2 year old is definitely a distraction/energy drainer from writing - even if she's the world cutest/sweetest reason. =)

3. Exhaustion - working the hours I do, and having a family, and still being responsible for the house and most of the cooking, cleaning, etc. it can be hard to find the creative juices late at night after toddler bedtime. I typically do most of my writing during her nap in the middle of the afternoon, and have had to discipline myself to stay awake and not nap myself.

4. Lack of inspiration - this ties into my other reasons. Being busy and tired can be hard on the imagination but I think I was given a double or maybe triple dose of that in the womb, so I typically don't run out of ideas. (just might be guilty of picking a fight or making myself sad on purpose to write an emotional scene...oh come on, you've done it too ::wink::)

5. Diet - yep, sitting on your booty all day at work or at home writing or whereever else can be hard on the backside (as in, keeping your backside too soft instead of firm!) and sometimes when I get free time to write, I want to exercise instead, or NOT sit and write because I'll find myself snacking to stay awake and inspired. Anyone else struggle with this?

The beauty of this Top 5 Reasons list is that despite the time restraints, the distractions, the interruptions, the stubborn pounds and the bags under my eyes, I still write. God still makes a way for me emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically to meet my deadlines and even ENJOY doing it :)

And that's what keeps me going! It's all for His glory and by His grace.

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Georgiana said...

HAHA, pick a fight before writing an emotional scene. That's hilarious! Yes, I too have a hard time NOT snacking while sitting at the keyboard. There's something about typing that makes me want to chew.