Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One grateful froggy...

Why is it that random things always happen at the most inconvenient times? I rarely lose my voice but of course the night before I'm supposed to speak at a church's women ministry event (which was planned well over a month in advance), I start croaking.

Like a frog. Who drank a lot of whiskey and maybe was a cheerleader in a former life.

It was bad, to say the least.

Thursday, the day of my event, I spent the entire day sucking cough drops and asking for prayer on Facebook. I texted the coordinator for the event and warned her and said I'd probably need a microphone. She said no prob, and she'd just introduce me as "Mrs. Kermit the Frog." haha. At least I knew I'd have the sympathy votes :)

Despite my thready voice, we made it through and the event was a success. God gave me enough voice to get through my message. Afterward it was worse, but everyone was so sweet and didn't make fun of my leap-frog voice. :) I was even laughing at myself.

It's so nice to be able to go to other churches in my state and visit with women. We're all different, but all united in Christ. It was a joy to spend an evenign with these ladies. In a church that averages only 75-80, 30 women showed up that night for catfish and fellowship and to hear my thoughts on Thanksgiving and of course...shoes ;)

I sold 35 books and was given a gift basket that is still making me smile almost a week later! Lots of goodies that Little Miss has helped me enjoy. hehe. (they even put a stuffed reindeer in there for her!) God is good, and there's no time like Thanksgiving to remember His extra special blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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