Monday, August 16, 2010

What's your weakness?

Everyone has SOMETHING they can't resist.

For some, its a piping hot donut. For another, its a big box of salty, crispy French Fries. For me, lately, its been cupcakes. There is a new shop in town called BUTTERCUPS and They are amazing. Some of their homemade flavors inclue Banana Pudding, Strawberry Creme, Wedding Cake, and Chocolate Chunk. Just imagine the best cupcake you've ever eaten, and then add about 10 x the yummy factor to that. At $3 a cupcake, its not something I do often and usually my sister treats me to them at work, but wow...they are good. And BAD for the diet!

What's your weakness? With food? With writing? Just like there are often food items we can't resist even when on a diet, are there particular distractions you can't resist when writing on a deadline? Any justifiable or not so justifiable excuses that pull you from your goals?

Let's share here and maybe learn how to beat the temptation!


Warren Baldwin said...

One temptation regarding writing ... stuff I write takes a lot of research, thinking about what I'm reading, then taking/typing extensive notes. Takes time and is wearying. But, this must be done before I can write. So, it is easy to either procrastinate, or read the material and enjoy it, but not do the work of thinking through it and recording it on paper (or in the computer). But, without this research, there is no writing.

Good to stumble upon this post today.

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Dionna said...

Food temptation for me is french fries and chips. (Sigh.)