Thursday, August 26, 2010

P is for Progress

Sometimes, accountability goes a long way in helping us stay motivated - especially in our writing!! Let's share our curernt projects today (as much plot detail as you feel comfortable sharing!) and list our goals.

Are you trying to get a proposal ready for the ACFW conference in a few weeks? Are you trying to reach so many chapters completed by a certain date? Want to have your book submission-ready to target a particular agent by a certain date?

Share here and let's help each other stay focused and productive!

For me, I'm working right now on my newly contracted Love Inspired story, set for an August 2011 release. My deadline for the full manuscript to be completed and turned in is November 24th. So I'm working hard, especially among my other duties (wife, mommy, part-time employee, freelancer, etc.) This story is about a fireman and a event-cooridnator, single mom who have a certain spark...despite the fact that the heroine is the widower of a fireman and has sworn never to marry a hero again! (dumm dum dummmm...) =)

What are you working on???


Erica Vetsch said...

I'm working on a new proposal and expecting edits on a story pretty soon...then there's the edit of my WIP...

dancing as fast as I can!

Sweet said...

Hi Bets! I'm trying my best to keep up my new blog. I emailed you about this, hope you can come by some time. Oh, and I read about Audrey's visit to the doctor. I hope she is doing fine. take care you two!