Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big girls...

So my Little Miss is now officially a "Big Girl". No more pacifier. (She still tells every stranger on the street she passes "P broke!" haha) No more high chair. (booster seat now at the table) No more baby bath. (big girl baths in the regular tub in guestroom bathroom) She'll start potty training soon, she's talking in long phrases and full sentences, learning new words every day, and even looks forward to church now. Once upon a not so long ago time, she dreaded the nursery and me leaving her. Now its "bye bye mama!" and she likes to be thought of as the nursery lady's "big helper".

Last night she confirmed her new big girl status even further when she told me she did NOT want her nightlight on. This is a Snoopy nightlight that is too cute - baby snoopy on the moon - that I've heard since I was younger. Its sentimental to me, and she's used it every night since she was born, practically. She asked me to turn it off, and despite the extreme darkness, she plopped right down in her bed and snuggled in with her stuffed animals. "Love you mama."

My big girl. Makes me happy and sad all at once. I'm mostly just flat out proud of her though, and nostalgic in a good way. She's growing up so fast, and so well. What a blessing! She teaches me as much as I her, I often think.

For instance, there are some days I need to be a big girl too and just lay safely in the padded embrace of my Saviour's arms, not worrying about how dark or scary my circumstances seem. God gave me family and friends (my own version of comfort stuffed animals!) to help encourage me, and I need to know that the light is coming. Dawn will break. The sun will rise. And the shadows will flee.

So that's my new goal.

To grow up and be more like my daughter.

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