Monday, August 02, 2010

Enough is enough?

So who else is sick of hearing of Lindsay Lohan's jail time?

I admit to reading the "jail journal" in a magazine at the grocery store check out line. Turns out she's getting served slop and listening to taunt sof other prisoners and pretty much living it out, no special treatment. I'm proud of that and glad that authorities are finally applying real-people rules to celebrities, though I'm sure Lindsay isn't as grateful.

But seriously, after awhile, enough is enough. Do you get sick of the same headlines? Katie Holmes pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant. Angelina and Brad adopting...divorcing...making out...stalking poor Jennifer Aniston. Let the Jennifer and Brad marriage/divorce rest in peace already! Sheesh.

And all the Twilight actors/actresses. I know Jacob (Taylor L.) is an attractive young man and has impressive abs, but really? Every magazine cover? Of course he looks good, he has trainers paid to make sure he stays that way and a nutritionist to keep it going. I could have abs too if someone would cook for me, tell me what and when to eat, give me a detailed exercise chart to follow, and babysat my toddler while I did the above. ;)

I digress.

Sometimes we get sick of the same celebrities being in the same headlines over and over. They say bad publicity is still good publicity, but sometimes I wonder. The overly used headlines just make me want to tune out the noise. What do you think? How can we apply that to our writing? As authors, we need to be sure to keep topics and themes fresh. Readers will just as easily get sick of seeing the same thing over and over. How do you keep it real?

If you're reading this post and are not an author, then tell us your point of view. As a reader of fiction, what are you sick of seeing and what would you like to see more of in regards to characters, plots, theme, circumstances in the story, etc.

Chime in here!!


Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

I so agree Betsy. I think that the fiction market can get saturated with some themes too...but hopefully as we keep learning our craft we can provide something with a unique POV and perspective. I have an idea for something that I'd LOVE to write but I think it might frustrate or even offend people...not b/c it's BAD or anti-Christian but it is such a reality check I think it would make some eyes cross!

Betsy St. Amant said...

See Elizabeth that's just what I'd love to read!!! hehe. I vote write it ;)

Diane Moody said...

Great post, Betsy. And I totally agree with the over-saturation of all things "celebrity" on TV. Why are we so obsessed over things like the Lindsay Lohan train wreck or Taylor L.'s abs? In the past week I've heard two 3-somethings tell me they got rid of their TVs. Enough is enough indeed!

Relating the topic to book subjects, it's interesting how certain topics are soooo prevalent - and apparently equally successful. In Christian fiction - Amish anyone? It blows me away! Not my own personal cup of tea, though I have nothing against them. Just pondering the popularity of those vs. the vast horizon of other subjects.

I also weary of cookie-cutter plot lines, though again, those seem to dominate certain genres. Why is that??

Sorry this is so long - guess you hit a nerve!

Laura J said...

I've taught language arts long enough to find that some readers are character driven and some are plot driven. I have some students (and me) who can read anything if we like the characters.
There are other students who don't care about the characters as long as something interesting is going on.
My favorite authors/books are ones that combine the two. I will read anything--I don't care if it's funny, sad, realistic, fantasy, chick lit. I just want to love the characters.

My least favorite is a romance storyline where the only thing the girl cares about is getting a man. There needs to be a subplot. Even better is when the romance is the subplot, and the main plot is about something else.

Betsy St. Amant said...

Great feedback guys! Thanks! :)