Monday, August 30, 2010

Baseball & Brawn

This past Saturday was the 2nd annual Travis Duffy Softball Tournament in Alexandria, Louisiana. The Duffy family is a sweet family my husband met and bonded with during the weeks he literally lived in the ICU waiting room at the hospital after his mom's accident last summer. Their son, Travis, had a similiar accident on a four-wheeler and was in a coma almost as long as my mother in law. They held a tournament last year to raise money for his therapy and treatments, and this year, they did the same for my mother in law and another little boy in their city who needs a dog for his seizure issues.

This year, Travis got to play in the tournament. :)

His healing was a miracle, he's almost back to 100% and still in therapy to work out the lingering kinks.

My husband gathered a group of guys to play on a team, and despite rolled ankles, torn tendons, skinned shins, bruised heels, knocked off glasses, softballs to the head, and a variety of bumps, cuts, scrapes, and bruises...they won the championship. =)

(and gave the trophy to the guy on their team who hurt his ankle during the warm up yet stilll played all day long!)

I went with my friend Steph to cheer them on, and it was fun. The town really came together to play, raise money, raffle off items, and sell food all in the name of a worthy cause. It was really touching, and I'm grateful that my husband was able to meet such a caring family during the worst storm of his life.

You just never know when God will bring good from bad. You just have to look for it and trust He will. We have no idea why God healed Travis but hasn't done the same for my mother in law. We have no idea if her condition will ever get better or how long she will be trapped in this miserable state. All we can do is watch for the rainbow and trust its there behind the clouds.

So thanks, Duffy family, and the town of Alexandria for coming out despite the threatening thunderstorms. And congrats to our team - who kicked booty ;)

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Becky said...

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a possible book idea. ;)

Praying for your Ephesians it talks about putting on the armor of God, and that when you've done everything, to stand. Standing with ya'll in prayer.