Friday, October 09, 2009

Seen any good movies lately?

Hubby and I have a date tonight, woohoo!

But of course it figures that the one night we get, there aren't really any movies playing that I'm eager to see. Any recommendations? I've heard Love Happens is decent - what do ya'll think? Would my hubby even remotely enjoy it? lol He's okay with romantic comedies but not overly mushy sad-romantic movies.

Also, it figures the one movie we do really wanna see is at an inconvenient time at a theater that is pretty rundown, that no one goes to anymore and the city remains shocked its even still open. =(

I'm thinking we might just do dinner and then rent a movie, and therefore not be tied to a timeline or waste money on overpriced tickets for a flick we're not desperate to see. But what have you seen recently? What did you see that you wished you hadn't? lol Share it here!


Georgiana said...

We RARELY go to the movies, unless it's something that we think will be definitely better on the big screen. Sorry I can't be more help!!! I'm just too cheap to spend the $$ on something that might turn out mediocre ;)

Erica Vetsch said...

The kids and I really enjoyed UP.

Haven't been to a movie in awhile. I took my son to see G-Force, which he loved. (What can I say, he's 13.) I could've lived without seeing that one. :)

Enjoy date night! I'm going on a date with my DH too.

Jill Kemerer said...

Date night--woo-hoo!

I love going out to dinner with my hubby. The movie after? It seems as if we only go out when nothing we want to watch is in theaters. My advice? If nothing looks good, don't waste your money. We've learned the hard way. :)

Have a wonderful time!

Tamika: said...

My husband and I had Date Night last weekend, it was great to be together alone!

Sorry to say I agree, there aren't many good flicks playing.

I hope you enjoy your evening no less.

Blessings to you...