Friday, October 02, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is my mother's 50th birthday. She still looks about 35! I hope I'm that way later. Right now people still think I'm 18 when I'm 25, so...there is hope. =)

In order to properly celebrate this milestone, my parents fled town and escaped to Memphis, TN, where they will tour Graceland (my mom's always been an Elvis fan!) and do other fun and crazy touristy things. I know they'll have a blast, and she deserves it! The best mom ever!

I wanted to do something special for her birthday, but money is tight right now and we're trying to save for Christmas. I wanted to do something that she would remember. I wanted to do something where if someone asked her "what did you get for your 50th birthday", she could immediately answer and not have to say "hmm...a candle....I think...?"

So two weeks before her birthday (I really should have started sooner!) I began contacting her friends on Facebook. Family members. My friends. Asking all of them to write a short letter about what my mom has meant in their life and either mail or email it to me. Before I knew it, I had about 30 letters. I scrapbooked them all into a cute album from Hobby Lobby and decorated with birthday stickers and cut-out cupcakes.

I think God was involved in this project, because the entries I received were so sweet, so moving, so encouraging. I ended up with the most eclectic bunch of people from the past, but it was perfect - exactly what I'd hoped it'd be.

I gave the gift to her at her party at my grandma's house Wednesday night, before they left for their trip. She immediately grew teary when she realized what it was, and I told her she couldn't read them until she was on the road and had Kleenex handy.

Her party - a small family-only get-together- was a big hit. Little Miss "wrote" a card titled "50 Reasons To Go to Nana's House!" and my sister gave her the most beautiful shiny blue purse (my mom's favorite color) and gorgeous James Avery necklace charm. I think my mom got it all this year, and I'm so grateful!

How did I sign her letter from me? "Thanks for always being the Lorelai to my Rory". =)


Erica Vetsch said...

What a great idea! Your mom looks so very young. And she has a great daughter in you!

Georgiana said...

You really came up with the perfect idea. That's the kind of gift that turns into a family heirloom.

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

ha! i love your last line! ;-) & you & your mom look a lot alike and both look young for your age.

I will forever stick to something someone told me at the grocery store a few months ago. She was saying something about how young of a mom I am..."what are you, like 21-22?" I asked her to come home with me...I'm 31!